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What are some of the benefits associated with Loom Bands

Here are a few educational benefits that children can gain from creating with Loom Bands:

  • Creativity: Children are able to use their creativity. They are so many different colors that they can mix and match. My daughter went around asking family members and friends what colour their favourite sport teams were and from those colors she made them their bracelets.
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence: Making these bracelets and other jewellery, I feel has helped build my daughter’s self-confidence. She has become so good at it that she can make it just using her fingers and not the loom. She has even learned how to make the fishtail pattern (which she learned from a tutorial on the internet). So now she can give people the option of which kind of bracelet they want. She has also gotten faster at making them, so she wants to keep making more and more!
  • Working together and Sharing: I have seen my daughter make bracelets with her friends and it is amazing how busy it keeps them. They are also very generous with one other, sharing rubber bands and the different charms they have. I have also seen my daughter teach my son how to make a bracelet. It is so cute to watch her teach him. They even pick the patterns and colours together.
  • Build Math Skills: Using the loom and rubber bands, children are able to learn to build their mathematical skills. My daughter has to calculate how many rubber bands she will need of each colour to make a bracelet for an adult or child. She then stretches is out and measures on her hand to see how it fits and then adds or subtracts what she needs.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Making these bracelets build fine motor skills, which help those little fingers, build muscles and fine tune. It also helps them use their fingers to loom the bands by over lapping or pulling it to form a pattern. It’s like problem solving!


  • Creativity
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Math
  • Team Work
  • Self Esteem