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Awesome Ideas For You To Try

Offer Party Packs For Clients

loom-band-party-packsHave a rate for a package that moms can purchase bands and use the bands to create activity tables at parties. Making up going home gifts. All moms, like myself always look for extra ideas for parties to keep children busy, I have seen many loom band activity tables which always have children sitting and looming away.

Loom Band Competitions

loom-band-competitionsHave a loom band competition – the child that makes the longest bracelet wins a hamper. Run it over a week. The child that makes the most colourful bracelet (i.e this enables sales immediately to purchase many colours) wins a loom band hamper.

Loom Band Tables Outside Your Store

Attract Kids and Families on Weekends and Holidays

Have a student or store staff member to run a loom table, kids can sit and loom and so once finish will definitely want a packet.


We Supply Flyers To Stores!

Send Them To Schools In Your Area!

Have You Seen The Awesome Things Made By Adults?

Loom Handbag


A complete handbag made with loom bands!

Loom Suite


This is a suite! Sold for over ₤170 000!